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Who should attend KA Connect 2018?

Here's the thing about building a successful knowledge management program—it takes all departments and roles.

That's why T-Shaped People tend to really enjoy KA Connect conferences. Check out this short clip from 2012 about T-Shaped People.

Are there tracks at KA Connect?

KA Connect is a two-day general session, broken up by Hangouts and breaks. We want folks to walk away from KA Connect with an intense, shared experience.

In addition, the Knowledge Architecture team puts months of effort into researching topics and collaborating with our speakers. Selfishly, we don't want to miss any of the program.

What's a Hangout?

Attendees of prior conferences have asked for "conference infrastructure" to help them connect with people who want to talk about the topics that they are passionate about. A tribe within a tribe if you will.

"Hangouts" are our response. Each table at KA Connect has a number. During the Hangouts, we'll put suggested topics up on the main conference screen and assign those topics to table numbers. For example, Using Social Media on Projects, Do Innovation Competition Programs Work?, or Cloud Computing Challenges and Opportunities.

Here's the cool part—conference attendees drive the Hangout topics. Starting two weeks before the conference, and continuing through the event, we'll monitor the #KAConnect2018 hashtag on Twitter and put out discussion topics on the KA Connect LinkedIn Group for ideas. (Don't worry, you can also e-mail them in or tell us in person.)

The talks at the conference, the people you meet, and the events going on in the world inform the dialog of the Hangouts. Hangouts are a great complement to the more formal aspects of the program.

How do you select speakers for KA Connect?

Finding KA Connect speakers is a combination of intentional and serendipitous discovery. We come across potential speakers through our research, our client work, social media, industry publications, and conferences.

We are always looking for innovative firms and individuals who are building successful knowledge management programs in architecture, engineering, and construction firms.

If you, your firm, or someone you know is doing something you think would make for a great KA Connect talk, we'd love to hear from you.

Is there a dress code at KA Connect?

Here's the deal -- we don't have one.

1) This is San Francisco.

2) This is an innovation conference.

3) Much of the program is informal and collaborative.

In short, wear what makes you comfortable and ready to share ideas.

I hear you guys serve awesome food at KA Connect. Can you please elaborate?

We will be serving breakfast, lunch, and snacks both days. We will have coffee, tea, and water service throughout the conference, with alternative drinks at lunch. We will have a cocktail reception on Tuesday night. Dinner is on your own. We encourage you to group up and keep the conversation going over dinner.

Kitchenette caters KA Connect. And yes, they are awesome.

What should I see while I'm in San Francisco?

We'd highly suggest sticking around for the weekend. Past attendees have explored the city and the surrounding areas, including Wine Country, Point Reyes National Seashore, and Yosemite. They've also brought their friends and family along. May is a great time of year to visit.

We had an active discussion about favorite things to do in San Francisco on the KA Connect LinkedIn Group before KA Connect 2011. Check it out here.

What if I have questions that are not answered on this page?

E-mail us your questions at connect@knowledge-architecture.com. We'll be updating this page on a regular basis as the conference approaches.

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